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      • LIGHTRING - safer walkways

        CITY SHAPER - this is the theme of the twenty-first year of the international science and technology competition First Lego League. Every year, students devise their own proposal for any improvement in the real life problem that is related to the topic.

        Boys and girls aged 9 to 16 are thus focusing on urban issues this year, such as transport, barrier-free access, improvement of public spaces, or even the prevention of natural disasters.

        Their task is to find a problem in their surroundings, devise a solution to the problem and consult with experts. The Hexadron team in Bratislava with the innovative LightRing solution also took part in the competition.

        In search of a problem, the Hexadron kids wrote down 36 problems and situations they noticed in their neighborhood. Then they chose the ones that they can really solve by their own forces. In the end, they chose what they encounter everyday on their way to school: they decided to solve the conflict between scooters and cyclists with pedestrians. Although electric scooters are already forced to use roads (under the new rules), the ordinary scooters commonly used by schoolchildren share sidewalks with pedestrians. Even according to a survey organized by the team, almost half of the respondents witnessed a collision.

        As a solution to the problem, they chose a more appropriate method for the city than a bell, as the use of sound in the city may seem uncomfortable to someone and circulating pedestrians may be scared. The aim is really to use the public space or footpath so that no one is restricted, so that even pedestrians do not feel crowded, but also the scooters can transport safely. They decided to use laser beams that would shine several light points in front of pedestrians to signal the direction of travel of the scooter. Thanks to them, pedestrians would notice in time that a faster scooter is approaching from behind, or even a cyclist or skater. It is easy to avoid the situation that a pedestrian enters a scooter directly into the road. Using a laser instead of ordinary light ensures visibility during the day.

        What is your opinion on the new "update" of scooters? Were you also involved or witnessed a collision? Would you like such a light improver?

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